We start with the end in mind, meaning that we first identify the goals you want to achieve and the outcomes you want to see. Next, we develop a strategic plan to get you there. Efficiency (and thus keeping your legal fees down) is of paramount concern to us and we accomplish this by becoming vastly knowledgeable in all relevant aspects of your business and company. For example, we study your legal, equity, and debt structures, as well as your short and long-term strategic plans, capital-raising methods, governance protocols, operations, staffing, and existing contracts. We also become fully familiar with the industry and competitive arena in which your business operates. In addition, we develop trusting and collegial relationships with the individual decision-makers in your company because we understand that it is their vision, ideas, and leadership-style that define the ambition of your business. By taking this all-encompassing approach, we are able to provide you with the appropriate legal and business strategy in any given situation, and achieve the specific results that you want and the wins that you expect.

  • Business Disputes
    Over the last 25+ years, we have handled virtually every type of business dispute — whether arising in the state or federal courts or in […]
  • Corporate
    In addition to having substantive legal expertise, we know that the main job of a deal lawyer is to craft legal documents that strike the […]
  • General Counsel
    Our clients’ internal legal departments know that they can call on us in fluid situations to provide strategic, on-the-spot advice. Because we never compartmentalize our […]
  • Leasing, Real Estate and Real Estate Finance
    LHGKC&M has full-service real estate capabilities and represents high-net-worth individuals, real estate developers, first-class retail chains and financial service companies, hedge funds, real estate brokerage […]
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